Rescue Stories


Rusty was found in the Bronx as a stray. Taken to the Manhattan NYCACC, rescued by Save A Yorkie rescue’s Deb Maffettone, and adopted to the Jensen Family.

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Jiggy was hidden in the back room of a puppy store with an injured eye that was left untreated. He was rescued by a vet who gave him to Deb Maffettone in rescue where he was treated, and sadly lost his eye. He was adopted by Ashley C. and now resides in Queens, New York City.

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Dakota was an owner surrender after being purchased from a Puppy Store as an older puppy. Afraid of everything, he has thrived with love and affection, patience and training. Dakota was rescued by Deb Maffettone and is now part of her family.

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Buddy was saved by Deb Maffettone from the NYC Animal Care Center within minutes of his pending euthanasia. Adopted by Melissa & Christian Scheller and is now the King of Pennsylvania.

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Harley was turned into the Babylon Animal Shelter by his breeder as a handicapped puppy. Adopted by the Sapienza family in Oakdale to become the happiest dog you ever met!

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Tucker was a stray in New York City found with a severe yeast infection over 40% of his body. Rescued by Deb Maffettone with the help of Save-A-Pet Long Island, Tucker was food aggressive, and also was a resource guarder. Through love and training, Tucker found his forever home. Adopted by Lori Rosen, Tucker goes to Doggy Day Care, pack walks with all large dogs, long walks every day and has become quite the talk of the agility course!

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Chester & Lola

Chester & Lola were rescued by Deb Maffettone and adopted by Bob Pitch & Elsa. Chester & Lola, both victims of abuse, and both were biters when taken in. Pita was struck by a car, had both hips and her pelvis broken. Her owners wanted to euthanize her at 2 years old. Drs. Carb & Lesser of New York Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center rescued her, took ownership, performed her surgery and asked Deb to find her a great home. Bob & Elsa have created harmony with these 3 dogs.

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